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Easy Peasy Boiler Maintenance for the Homeowner

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

For each of us humans, there are areas where we are knowledgeable either because it is what we do or the activity/subject is a genuine interest and we are willing to invest out own personal time to learn/do it. Everything else, we know something about it and can usually spot when things are okay or if they seem not to be.

As regards boiler maintenance which only appeals to a minority of the population, the ideal is a homeowner’s daily/weekly/monthly maintenance log. As the likelihood of this happening is low at best, here is a simple boiler checklist. A checkup by a homeowner requires minimal time but must be done regularly. If something is spotted like a leak for example, give us a call immediately and we will check it out.

Just recently, there was a customer who had observed a small boiler leak over a long period of time but was too busy or uninterested to have it checked out. When he finally did call in, the problem was worse, his warranty had expired, and repair work still had to be done. No one, neither the company nor customer, wants this happening.

The takeaway here is to check out your boiler regularly for any issues. We recommend doing so monthly at a minimum and have your plumbing and heating company perform annual maintenance. Regular maintenance extends the life of an appliance. Not only will you be warm when needed but inconvenience and cost will be better managed. Boilers are one of the more complex and expensive household appliances. Be sure to use only qualified and experienced heating experts.

To help us all out, following is the simplest homeowner’s maintenance list for the boiler. Remember if you spot anything, feel that your boiler is deteriorating and not functioning properly, call and get it checked out. It is worth it.

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I've been using HVAC Contractor Palm Beach company for all my heating and cooling needs for years, and they never disappoint. Their boiler maintenance service is top-notch. The technicians are knowledgeable and courteous, and they always leave my home as clean as they find it.

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