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Expert Boiler Repair, Service, and Maintenance in Evergreen, CO

Having trouble with your boiler? Adams Plumbing and Heating provides the best boiler maintenance services in Evergreen, Colorado. Our experienced technicians are equipped to troubleshoot and fix all kinds of issues, as well as maintain and replace entire boiler systems. We serve homes and businesses throughout Pine, Conifer, Golden, Lakewood, Arvada, and the Front Range and Mountain areas.

Comprehensive Boiler Repair Services

At Adams Plumbing and Heating, we know how important it is to maintain a fully functional boiler system for your home or business. That’s why we respond to all calls promptly and why we promise reliable repairs, guaranteed. With our wide range of boiler repair services, we can address all kinds of problems, including:

1. Pressure Problems: We repair issues that cause low or high pressure, which can lead to inadequate heating or potential damage if left unchecked.

2. Leaks: We locate and fix leaks in pipes, valves, and the boiler tank itself.

3. Ignition Problems: We resolve issues related to the ignition system, such as faulty pilot lights. 

4. Malfunctioning Thermostat: We repair and replace faulty thermostats that are not accurately controlling the temperature or are causing the boiler to turn on and off intermittently.

5. Noisy Operation: We locate the source of any unusual noises coming from the boiler, such as banging, clanking, or whistling, which may indicate mechanical or circulation problems.  

6. Radiator Issues: We repair radiator valves and bleed valves to ensure the proper distribution of heat throughout the system.  

7. Frozen Condensate Pipes: We repair frozen condensate pipes, which can otherwise cause the boiler to shut down or operate inefficiently.

8. Pump or Circulation Problems: We repair and replace malfunctioning pumps or circulation systems that hinder the proper flow of water through the boiler.

9. Gas Supply Issues: We address problems with the gas supply, including gas leaks, faulty gas valves, and malfunctioning gas pressure regulators.

10. Faulty Heat Exchanger: We repair and replace damaged heat exchangers, so the system can continue transferring heat from the combustion process to the water.

11. Electrical Component Problems: We fix issues with electrical components, such as faulty wiring, relays, and control panels.

12. Boiler Efficiency Improvements: We make adjustments and upgrades to enhance the boiler's efficiency, such as installing energy-saving controls and improving insulation.

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At Adams Plumbing and Heating, we’re dedicated to delivering top-notch boiler repair service promptly and efficiently. You can count on us to restore your boiler's functionality while providing peace of mind.

Sustainable Boiler Replacement Services

If your boiler is starting to experience frequent problems and the warranty has expired, it may be time to consider getting a replacement. New technological advances offer streamlined, modern designs with more sustainable features. 

At Adams Plumbing and Heating, we’re committed to helping clients conserve energy, so they can keep operating costs down. As our guarantee of transparent, upfront service, you will receive an honest assessment of whether to service or replace your boiler. We promise to provide you with solutions that fit your budget, schedule, and preferences while keeping your boiler running efficiently and with minimum energy waste.

Signs It’s Time for Boiler Replacement in Evergreen

Here are some signs that indicate it may be time to replace your boiler:

What Are the Benefits of Replacing an Old Boiler with a More Sustainable System?

Modern, sustainable boiler systems have several advantages that make them a compelling choice for homeowners looking to upgrade their current heating systems. With a growing focus on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, these advanced boiler systems provide significant benefits for both homeowners and the planet.

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One of their greatest advantages is their improved energy efficiency. These boilers are designed to maximize fuel utilization, resulting in reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills.

Sustainable boiler systems also contribute to a greener future. They minimize carbon emissions and environmental impact. By using cleaner fuels, such as natural gas or biomass, and implementing advanced combustion techniques, these boilers release fewer pollutants into the atmosphere. This reduction in emissions helps combat climate change and improves overall air quality, promoting healthier living conditions for everyone.

A third major advantage is the fact that modern boiler systems incorporate smart and intuitive controls to enhance convenience and comfort. These controls allow for precise temperature regulation, zoning capabilities, and remote operation, enabling users to customize their heating preferences and optimize energy usage according to their specific needs. With features like programmable thermostats and mobile apps, homeowners can easily monitor and adjust their heating systems, ensuring efficient operation even when they are away from home.

Lastly, upgrading to a sustainable boiler system will enhance the value and appeal of your home. As energy efficiency and environmental consciousness become increasingly important factors for homebuyers, having a modern, sustainable heating system can be a significant selling point. Potential buyers are more likely to be attracted to a home that offers lower energy costs and aligns with their green values.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

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Proactive Boiler Maintenance Services

Scheduling routine boiler maintenance services is the most effective way to prevent emergencies and unexpected problems. During your boiler tune-up service, our technician will perform the following:

  • Conducting tests to make sure the system is running properly

  • Checking the temperature and pressure 

  • Cleaning and optimizing essential components like the burner, draft hood, and coils

  • Replacing the oil filter

  • Draining and cleaning the pressure vessel

  • Applying lubricant to the circulation pump

The Importance of Regular Boiler Maintenance

Regular boiler maintenance plays a crucial role in preventing emergencies and unexpected problems in residential and commercial heating systems. Just like any mechanical equipment, boilers require routine maintenance to ensure optimal performance, efficiency, and safety. By neglecting regular maintenance, homeowners and businesses run the risk of encountering sudden breakdowns, costly repairs, and even potential safety hazards.

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One of the primary reasons for regular boiler maintenance is to identify and address potential issues before they escalate into major problems. During maintenance visits, trained technicians can inspect various components of the boiler, such as the burner, heat exchanger, valves, and controls, to ensure they are functioning properly. They can also check for signs of wear and tear, leaks, or corrosion, which, if left unattended, could lead to system failures or water damage. By addressing these minor issues early on, homeowners and businesses can avoid the inconvenience and expense of emergency repairs.

Moreover, regular boiler maintenance enhances safety by mitigating the risk of carbon monoxide leaks and other hazardous situations. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can be produced by malfunctioning or poorly maintained boilers. Exposure to high levels of carbon monoxide can lead to severe health complications or even fatalities. During maintenance visits, technicians can inspect and clean the boiler's combustion chamber, flue, and ventilation system, ensuring proper airflow and safe operation. They can also test for carbon monoxide emissions, providing peace of mind for the occupants and reducing the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

What Happens During a Standard Boiler Maintenance Service Visit?

During comprehensive boiler maintenance service, trained technicians perform a series of tasks to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of the system. Here’s a more in-depth look at the kinds of tasks that make up a standard service visit:

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Initial Assessment

The maintenance process typically begins with an initial assessment and testing of the boiler system. Technicians will inspect the overall condition of the boiler, check for any visible signs of damage or leaks, and assess the functionality of safety features like pressure relief valves and temperature controls. They may also evaluate the combustion efficiency of the boiler to determine if adjustments are needed.

Pressure and Temperature Checks

Pressure and temperature checks are critical to maintaining the safe and efficient operation of the boiler. Technicians will measure and verify the pressure levels to ensure they are within the manufacturer's recommended range. They will also test and calibrate temperature sensors and controls to guarantee accurate readings and precise temperature regulation.

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Cleaning and Inspecting Critical Components

Cleaning various components of the boiler is essential for its efficient operation. Technicians will clean the burners, removing any accumulated soot, debris, or mineral deposits that may hinder proper combustion. They may also clean or replace the ignition components and inspect the heat exchanger for any signs of corrosion or scaling. Additionally, air vents, flues, and ventilation systems are inspected and cleaned to ensure proper airflow and exhaust.

Replacing the Oil Filter

Oil filter replacements are typically performed in boilers that use oil as fuel. Technicians will replace the oil filter to maintain the cleanliness of the fuel supply and prevent clogs or contaminants from reaching the burner and other components. This helps optimize combustion efficiency and prevents potential system malfunctions.

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Cleaning the Pressure Vessel

Draining and cleaning the pressure vessel is an important task during boiler maintenance, particularly for boilers that have accumulated sediment or mineral deposits over time. Technicians will carefully drain the pressure vessel and flush out any debris, sediments, or sludge that may have settled at the bottom. This process helps improve heat transfer and prevents blockages that can reduce system efficiency.

Lubricating the Circulation Pump

Pump lubrication ensures the smooth operation of the boiler's circulating pump. Technicians will inspect the pump, lubricate bearings if necessary, and check for any signs of wear or leaks. Proper pump lubrication helps reduce friction and prolong the lifespan of the pump, ensuring optimal performance.

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Why Choose Us for All Your Boiler Needs

At Adams Plumbing and Heating, we pride ourselves on being the preferred experts in Evergreen for boiler services. Our heating professionals go above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service and ensure the best experience possible. We understand that every home and customer is unique, which is why we will take the time to listen to your concerns and tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

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When you choose Adams, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of knowledgeable and skilled professionals. Our team is well-trained in all aspects of boiler installation, repair, and maintenance. We stay up to date on the latest industry trends and technologies to deliver cutting-edge solutions that maximize energy efficiency and performance. With our expertise and experience, we can tackle even the most complex boiler issues with precision and efficiency.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to exceed your expectations at every step. From the moment you reach out to us, we will provide prompt and friendly service, ensuring that you feel valued and heard. Our team will then take the time to thoroughly assess your heating needs and provide honest recommendations and transparent pricing. We believe in open communication, and we keep you informed throughout the entire process, from initial consultation to project completion.

At Adams Plumbing and Heating, we are not just passionate about boilers and heating services; we are passionate about building lasting relationships with our customers. We take pride in our attention to detail, quality workmanship, and commitment to customer satisfaction. When you choose us, you can trust that you will receive reliable, efficient, and personalized solutions for all your boiler needs. Experience the Adams difference and discover why we are the preferred experts for boiler services in Evergreen.

  • What is your rate for a service visit?
    For regular plumbing and heating work in existing homes, we charge by the hour for our technicians’ labor plus the cost of any necessary materials. There is a one-hour minimum charge for each visit plus time traveled. For larger, more complex projects, we’ll conduct a walk-through and then supply the client with a fixed estimate for completing all the work to be done.
  • How can I tell you about my plumbing issues?
    We’re happy to chat in detail with clients over the phone. This allows us to gain a clear understanding of the issues they’re facing. Depending on the scope of the problem, we may also request photos or videos to ensure we send the right technicians to the site with all the right tools.
  • Which payment methods do you accept?
    If you need a plumber in Evergreen, payment is due at the time of service, and there is a 3% discount for clients who pay via check. Emailed invoices are due upon receipt, and they can be paid by credit card online or over the phone. You can also mail us a check for an invoice you receive via email.
  • What is your service area?
    We primarily cater to homeowners and businesses in the Denver and Golden area Front Range and mountain communities. Most of our clients are located in the Evergreen area. That said, we provide plumbing and heating services down the I-70 corridor and the surrounding communities.
  • How do I know if I need professional plumbing services in Evergreen CO?
    If you're experiencing issues such as low water pressure, leaking pipes, clogged drains, or inconsistent water temperature, it's best to contact a plumber in Evergreen, CO. Our experienced technicians can diagnose the problem and provide efficient solutions to restore your plumbing system's functionality.
  • What types of heating services do you offer?
    At Adam’s Plumbing & Heating, we offer a comprehensive range of heating services in Evergreen, CO, including installation, repair, and maintenance for furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and radiant heating systems. Whether you're dealing with a malfunctioning heater or looking to upgrade your heating system, our skilled technicians have you covered.
  • Are your plumbers licensed and insured?
    Yes, all of our plumbers in Evergreen, CO, are licensed, insured, and highly trained professionals. We prioritize safety and professionalism in every job we undertake, ensuring that our clients receive reliable service and peace of mind knowing that their plumbing needs are in capable hands.
  • Can you offer financing for my project?
    Yes, we have partnered with a Enhancify to offer further options for your projects and unexpected issues. You can always pop over to to see about prequalifying without a hard pull on your credit!!

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