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When it is cold outside, a furnace ensures that it is comfortable inside.  It works in conjunction with a thermostat which is used to set the desired air temperature that the furnace is to achieve inside.  A furnace draws in cool air and warms it to the desired setting.  The warm air is then distributed throughout the inside of the structure.  A working furnace is crucial in colder climates like Colorado where it may snow even in May.
Examples of furnace repairs may include a dirty filter replacement, ignition problems, thermostat repairs, cracked heat exchanger, etc.  If a furnace replacement is necessary, we’ll let you know when and why.  Otherwise, our goal is to keep your furnace functioning properly.


Many times, malfunctions are easily resolved.  If you are up to it, try these four things to see if your furnace’s problem is an easy fix.  Whether you try the following or not, contact us if your furnace is not working properly. 

  1. Are the thermostat settings correct?

Always check the thermostat first.  It is easy and often solves the problem.  Digital thermostats settings can get changed without anyone knowing it.  Refer to the manual if you don’t know how to use it.  Unfortunately, most manuals are no longer is paper form; but, you can usually find them online. Be sure to check your thermostat to make sure it is set properly.   These are the most common issues with thermostats and are easy to check.

  • Did the thermostat accidentally get switched to the wrong setting?

  • Is the thermostat in vacation mode?

  • Did the thermostat reset?

  • If the thermostat uses batteries, are the batteries still good?

  • Turn your thermostat up a couple of degrees to see if the furnace kicks on.

2.  Is the Furnace Pilot Light on?

Hopefully, you can easily access your furnace.  If furnace access is easy, check that the pilot light is on. If the pilot light is off, you may need a new thermal couple for your furnace.  Call us if this is the case.

3.  Does the furnace have power to it?

Furnaces require power and sometimes breakers can get switched off and need to be reset.  Give your breaker box a look.  It may be located elsewhere, e.g. garage, outside the house, etc.  Check the switches to make sure they are on.  But whatever you do, never touch electrical connections.


4.  Is the Air Filter clean?

Check the air filter.  Clean air filters are essential to good indoor air quality.  Likewise, a dirty air filter causes poor air intake, negatively affects air quality, and consequently affects heating performance potentially causing other damage.  Change your filters about every 3 months for best performance.  Give us a call if you are unable to locate or access your furnace’s air filter. 

Regular maintenance is the way to keep your furnace system running properly and reduce costly repairs.  Furnaces are part of what we do.

CONTACT Adams Plumbing and Heating today at 303-670-9171 for professional boiler repair and maintenance services.

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